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A visit to Museums in Kerala | Tour Packages

        It is not surprising that we have the richest preserved cultures and traditions that our predecessors have left for us to enrich. The large amounts of outsiders coming to Kerala are more curious to go visit these museums which showcase our history. Of all package deals, family holiday packages Kerala are the best  suggestion for their offers that considers Famous Museum of Trivandrum and thrissur. Most of our museums are the actual palaces where our royal kings and queens used to reside. And some of them were royal guest homes. Today, these are turned to museums. The palace turned museum’s exhibit splendid works of handmade paintings drawn from the monarch periods, swords used by the kings, heavily jewelled crowns of kings and queens, their heavily ornate coats and dress robes decorated with rich silks and gold threads and even some rare pearls, the opulent sets of serving vessels and plates, their foot wears, turbans, rich embellished shawls, beaded with precious stones are the waist bands which were once the daily wear of our kings and queens. A mere look at their royal chair (Throne) brings back the historical epoch, a feeling of really being to a palace enriches our minds. The thrones are studded with rare rubies, emeralds and diamonds with cushions that are embroidered in gold to suit the royal chair. You will love the palanquins the princesses and queens used to travel in and those chariots in which kings used to take rounds around the town regularly. I have been to some of the most famous museums here. They have an awesome collection of our Kerala sovereigns. Some other museums flaunt the object artefacts, ancient artistic works created by our famous artists, scientific researches founded or developed by renowned scientists, archaeological exhibits and other various objects of interest.

Famous museums of Trivandrum

        When we go expedition to various beautiful countries or states, the first few places of our visit is always to their historical memorials, museums and palaces. We are curious to know the history of that place. Similarly, from the research of tourist department, it has come to light that our historical testimonials are visited abundantly all year comparing other places. The palatial museums in Trivandrum have a display of its several artistic artefacts, glorious traditional weapons, and other cultural crafts. I personally suggest you to Kerala tour packages for family, as they are the best guides to museums.

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

        The most advantageous aspect of the museum is that it is constructed near a very well known Hindu temple, the Padmanabhaswamy temple in the capital city of Kerala, thiruvananthapuram. Tourist coming here through Kerala tour packages benefit from this, since they can visit the museum and the holy shrine both on the same day without losing time to visit other places. This palace turned museum gives a look of an archetypal structure built in the Travancore model of architecture. One-time famous as the state of Travancore, this museum has numerous displays preserved from that time. Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma, the then Maharaja (king) of Travancore is said to have built this magnificent palace now a celebrated landmark.  A large collection of the royal symbols adorn this palace along with a gallery of several imperial paintings. These paintings actually depict the lives of those predecessors who have ruled this kingdom from early ages.  The hall from the entrance showcases various idols of classical dance forms. The other majestic collection include different thrones various kings had used in their time of monarch, ivory cots, and a musical tree that amuses tourists by producing eight different captivating swara (the 8 harmony of classical Keralian music) when tapped on the protrusion.

Science and Technology Museum

This tech museum was founded and established in the year 1984 by ministry of education, Kerala government. The government focused on increasing scientific awareness among the youth and local public of Kerala. The museum is situated at the centre in Trivandrum. The planetarium “Priyadarshini” is a functional part of this museum from the early 1994. Especially the 40 minutes planetarium show leaves the Tourist kids who are on Kerala travel packages tour bemused. The museum accommodates 10 galleries which present about 300 items arranged divisionally. Every branch of science makes its way to filling people with encyclopaedic knowledge. Automobile, bio-science, computer science, electronic, mechanical, and mathematics are branches of sciences that form part of this museum. The most popular feature about this museum is, it has automatic eleven inch telescope for tourist who want to observe the astronomy after dark. Also tourers love the exhibits of mobile science displays and the science workshops held here every summer.

Kerala Soil Museum

        Any on who reads the Soil museum, will gasp. Yes exactly, it is one of the rarest of its kinds. In India it is the first Soil museum that is established to meet the international standards. Very recently established in 2014, at the central soil analytical laboratory at parottukonam in Trivandrum, it has already left its marks for reaching a landmark. It flaunts several varieties of soil types of Kerala. Kerala Tour packages from Bangalore provides best guidance to historical memorials in Kerala. There is none other largest soil museum as this one around the globe. Tourists make their way to this place and admire the richness of minerals and soils of Kerala. The important asset of this place is the eighty two types of soil familiar in Kerala. You will be left amazed by the fact that the museum staffs are especially trained by professionals from World Soil museum in Wageningen University at Netherlands. The information it displays about the name of soil, its best features, nutrient levels, the cultivation best suited for it etc. Most thoughtful attribute of this museum is the map of Kerala showcasing marking of different soils found at various districts of Kerala for the better understanding of tourists and other visitors.

Koyikkal Palace

This palace turned museum was founded in 1677 in Trivandrum district of Kerala. Generally, when we hear about art, we get over excited. This museum excites holiday makers coming to kerala on Kerala honeymoon packages for their well known services and tour managements. Kerala is well illustrious for its ancient relation with art and culture. There are several such art and cultural heritages visited by holidayers every year. It palace is constructed at nedumangadu in capital city of Kerala. It is the oldest palace ever, built in 16th century by the royal family for princess Umayamma rani. She ruled the kingdom with great poise for nearly 7 years. Today, the museum is well maintained by the Archaeological department of Kerala. People adore this palace for its collection of rare and highly distinguished musical instrument, some of which are made of wood.

Napier Museum

        Trivandrum being the capital city situated at the southern most region of Kerala is so filled with its religious wealth of our past; it generates a sense of cultural ideology among us when we tour around this museum. It is located at six kms from city. It stays open on all days except Mondays and Wednesday and on national holidays. Since the capital city is filled with historic memorials and pristine beaches and famed ancient temple, Kerala holiday packages for family offers a short trip to Trivandrum too. It opens at ten am every day. It was ground in 1855 and newly constructed in 1866 to 1872. The building used designed and structured by an English architect named Chisholm in the 19thcentury. The museum is named after the governor of madras. Although it took several years to erect this building, it is now a well recognised land mark in the city with a gothic architectural style with minor works on walls and roofs. It sympathises tourists who are here in summer by its considerable services of A/C s fit in the whole museum. Priceless ornaments worn by the kings and princesses are on among the most beautiful cases here apart from the ivory carvings, bronze figures and a beautiful historic temple chariot used by the rajas. There are several archaeologically excavated artefacts and chunks from early ages. The outer area of this museum adorns a Zoological garden, admired by whoever coming to this palace. Spending some of your quality time at the garden will make you feel at peace and calm.

Sree Chitra Gallery

Sree chitra is an exclusive part of Napier museum. Since its displays are so eminent among sightseers, it is known by its name and not as a part of the Napier museum. The gallery enriches mural paintings of famous rajas of Kerala and other such famed officials and monarchs. The paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Nicholas Roerich are among the well recognised paintings here. The display homes a group of paintings from Rajput times, mughal rules, from China, Japan, Bali and Tibet. To the amusement of trippers, our great raja Ravi Varma was an awesome artist himself, thus the Napier museum is crowded all the day with guests from everywhere to see the art works of this king. This gallery really paints our present to the historic period on our visit there.

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