Wednesday, 13 April 2016

family tour to kerala....

Even I am a Keralite I always try to get a chance to visit the major destinations in Kerala whenever I got a chance. The last time that I made a trip with my family was in the Easter Holidays. We are from the southern tip of Kerala and so decided to explore one of the top metropolitan cities in India called Kochi. As we were really unaware about the routes and the roads, we decided to choose amazing Kerala tour packages for family provided by a reputed tour operator. Everything was arranged by them with top most quality.
Me, my pappa, mummy, my sister and my brother was there in the gang along with several other groups. The trip was planned to finish within 4 days
. The journey starts in the morning of Mondi Thursday. It started from the Trivandrum International airport. Many other tourists were also there and this journey was concentrating only on the families. Everybody was using the Kerala family tour packages with economical rate. We were very early in the airport and hence got some time to talk to everybody. Many kids and children were also there and I noticed that many guides and trained people are also accompanying us. I was in a peak of excitement to see the miracles in the It headquarters of Kerala.

Straight Landing to Kochi

It took only few hours to reach the Kochi International Airport. All the procedures were quite easier. When we get out of the airport we were allowed to move to the bus which was waiting for us. For the four upcoming days, this bus will be accompanying us, announced the main guide. She was really an energetic person who talks much with pretty voice. As we were using the cheap Kerala family tour packages, luxurious facilities were not available for us. After a while we entered into a hotel to take the breakfast. I took appam and stew and it was very delicious. My pappa tasted some Chinese dishes in the early morning and my mummy scolds him. I t was really funny.
Over to Fort Kochi

Our first destination was Fort Kochi and we were allowed to spend a full day there. We landed to the Mattanchery in the noon and visited the famous and renowned Mattanchery Synagogue. It was first time in my life that I am visiting the Mattanchery Synagogue and it was really a good experience for me. The architecture of the synagogue is outstanding and the decorations will take you to another world of Europe. If you make a glimpse to the family tour packages in Kerala, then you will see these destinations for sure. One of the main reasons for this is that it is a safe place for all tourists. A family trip will obviously include many kids and elder people, and hence choosing a hill range or adventurous spot won’t be suitable.
We spend a lot of time inside the Synagogue. I took many photographs and uploaded in the facebook. There we saw many western tourists a many of them were from Israel and they were looking for their hereditary roots. We talk to some and they were really happy to see the olden buildings and they were really surprised about the well being of the buildings. After spending a lot of time, we moved from the Synagogue and that was the shopping time for us. Almost all family tour packages in Kerala with price will make you special time to enjoy the mesmerising shopping in Kerala. In the case of Fort Kochi, you can see many street shops there which will sell many exotic goods.
The dresses in the shops were really attractive for me, because they were targeting at the foreign tourists. Long and colourful dresses made me happy and I bought some. Many souvenir shops were also there. The handicrafts shop was plenty there. We spend several hours there and tasted some rare food. Home stay was arranged for us and the place we got was really beautiful. It was really an old house of a Jewish lady and later it was converted to a home stay centre and restaurant. If you are going to choose any Kerala tour packages for family, then you are supposed to select those packages that will arrange home stay for you.
Amazing stay and Food!!

The rooms and the halls were really beautiful and the total ambience made a mixture of both Kerala culture and Western Culture. The food was amazing. Every modes of food was available for us. We choose Italian food and the taste was just awesome. Kerala family tour packages concentrating on the well being of the customers should be chosen by you, then only you will be getting a good time in God’s own country.

Sun rise at Fort Kochi Beach

The very next morning we moved out of our residence to watch the sun rise at the Fort Kochi Beach. It was just an awe to watch it. The rising sun in the red background of the Chinese fishing nets made me extremely happy. Many people were there which includes both the tourists and the common people. Fisher men were there and they were really busy with their own jobs. If you are planning for a Kerala trip, then you are ought to select any family tour packages in Kerala, because it will make your journey extra easy and comfy. You won’t get any tension or risk. We spend some hours there and we took the breakfast from a nearby restaurant. Fish dishes were served for us and we enjoyed a lot. We spend some hours there, till the sun becomes super bright.

Peeped into the busy City Life

After spending the morning section in the beach front we moved to the busy city life of Kochi. We reached there at noon time and took the lunch from a restaurant. After that we moved to the Oberon mall. It was really a good time inside the mall. Shopping has taken into another level of happiness. After that we moved to the Lulu mall. It is one of the biggest malls in India. Stores of almost all companies are there. You will lose yourself inside the mall. You can use either family Kerala tour packages to Kerala with price or Kerala family tour packages with luxurious facilities. If you are using that, then you will get the posh facilities.
Lulu mall was just amazing. The food courts, entertainment zones, shopping areas etc are just mind-blowing. We spend several hours inside the game zone. The rides were really superb. After that we watched a movie and made some shopping.

All the way to Athirapilly

After making some fun inside the shopping malls, we moved to the lap of nature. Within few hours we reached Athirapilly. We get into the place around night and hence we checked into the resort. At that time, we were talking about the visited place and had lots of happiness. Through the window we made a peep into the forest and the voice of many insects and other creatures were audible for us. As we were using the Kerala tour packages for family, we got excellent care for each and everyone. The food for the dinner was Kerala food along with some salads. I wrote some notes regarding the journey and went to sleep.