Sunday, 4 June 2017

The ideal package for an exhilarating Kerala holiday: 5D/4N with enticing offers by GoGeo Holidays

Kerala has been branded as an international tourism spot with its exciting tourist attractions and amazing unending options for the enthusiastic travelers from every nook and corner of the world. One more feather has been added to the crown of this God’s own Kingdom when the British travel agents have added it recently to one of the popular destinations to watch in 2017. Despite being a tiny minuscule state in the Southern part of the country, Kerala has still the lot more to offer to any kind of travelers. With the rising popularity of the ideal Kerala tour packages, a completely all in one holiday without any hassle bustle, that are provided by many recognized tour management companies like Gogeo holidays These amazing travel packages have played a vital role in making Kerala, one of the top tourist places in worldwide today. And these come with a various budget as well as duration, making it super convenient for the travelers to pick the ideal one as per their interests and preferences. These are not like any stone cut rules and the itineraries are more like guidelines, to let you make the most out of your holidays, and ready to make any customizations as per your requests.
The ideal duration for a Kerala trip

When it comes to picking the ideal trip that matches with the time limit and budget you got, most of us might consider it as a herculean task. There may be multiple spots that you would want to explore, activities to indulge in, and making the right combination out of all these might seem a tedious task for you. And to get free from all those head spinning travel plans, it is better to pick some capsule like the top Kerala travel packages,  that will take care of all the arrangements and booking for your Kerala trip. Most of the travel experts suggest that the ideal duration for a perfect Kerala trip is a 2 days pack in Kerala, which will surely result in wonders. So to make the maximum out of your vacation in Kerala and savor its real taste, stretch your travel plans up to 4 days and combine the ideal spots and activities together. There are many packages that lead up to a maximum of 8 days/ But for a perfect budget friendly and amazing trip a 4 days trip would be enough for anyone. It will easily accommodate all the spots that you want to drop a visit, all the things you want to indulge in, and so on. Especially for the honeymooners, a completely relaxing 4days packages covering the most romantic destinations and activities would be perfect.
The Weather condition in Kerala

Being a tropical state, Kerala is always blessed with a pleasant climate which is favorable for the tourism. But it is always better to get an idea about a different season and the time before deciding upon the choice of your affordable Kerala tour packages. With the unique geography, mountainous peak lands, serene backwaters all make a perfect blend for a heavenly climate in here which is apt for its equatorial location. Most of the hill towns and the coastal regions remain cool and chilly in most of the seasons.
Summer season- Between February and May
The average temperature in summer is between 32 degrees to 26 degrees.
South West Monsoon- Between June to September
Kerala is the only state in the entire country where monsoon comes in twice.  During the southwestern monsoon, the temperature nearly falls down to 19 degrees to 30 degrees.
North East Monsoon- Between October to November
The average temperature is between 29 degrees and 35 degrees.
Winter season- Between December and January
The temperature is usually between 18 degrees to 28 degrees.
Peak season for visiting in Kerala
The peak season for a tourist to visit Kerala is during the summer and winter seasons which allow the travelers explore at ease. This falls between the months of November and May and is noted as the best time to be in God's own land.
Ideal budget
When considering the travel plans, the first and most important thing is the destination. And most of the decision regarding the destination will be based on the budget fixed for the vacationing. Kerala stands out from the rest of the tourist places by being an ideal spot for any range of budget, regardless of being domestic or international travelers, you can explore all you want without worrying about burning your pocket in here. Most of the amazing Kerala tour packages, let you pick the ideal combination that suits your budget, and get you have the most value for your money. Keeping the accommodation category, transports, meals, daily guided sightseeing, translators facilities, and all other necessary expenses into account, an average budget for a person to spend a vacationing time in Kerala would be –
For Shopping- INR 100(per day)
Accommodation- INR 3000(per night)
Meals- INR 1800(including complimentary breakfast)
Sightseeing- INR 700(Entry fees, extra charges)
Miscellaneous- INR 1000 per day
Average cost per day- INR 6000-7000
Important points to keep in mind

  • The flight/train/bus ticket charges are included in your package pay, and the mode of transport can be chosen according to your preferences
  • Accommodation facilities range from 3 stars to 5 stars, and single sharing to double and dormitory facilities.
  • When you choose a houseboat ride, the price range differs based on the size and amenities available on the houseboats. And the average cost is between INR 700 up to INR 10000
  • There is a certain limit for the amount of alcohol that you can carry with you while traveling in Kerala. And based on recent rules, alcohol consumption if banned in many parts of the country. Toddy is a locally available palm wine, which you will be getting from many local shops and restaurants in Kerala.
  • Most of the shops and restaurants accepts credit and debit cards, but the same may not be available for sightseeing entry fees or local shopping
  • There are certain dress codes and rules for entering into the religious places in Kerala especially temples. So it is advisable to enquire before entering such places.