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Another Boundless Family Journey To The South Of Kerala.

The family is one bond that keeps anything and everything happy in life and that is one major reason that I have always preferred my family over friends. travelling along with them have to date been best experiences as well. The school holidays had kicked in and this time I had a new beginning in front of me as school life was over and it was time that I go across the sea for my graduate studies which made this trip much more special to me. We had a lot of plans in the initial days but nothing got confirmed until the last moment where the dad finally decided that we could set off to Kerala on a tour package for a change as we always took international tours and get to know what was it that the place had in order to gain it the name 'Gods own country'. Everything was booked through Go-Geo Holidays and all that had to be done was pack the bag and set off to the destination. We were bound to reach Trivandrum where my mom first wanted all of us to visit a major temple and proceed with the touring part. As we landed at the international airport we decided to freshen up first and visit the Shri Padmanabhaswamy temple. There was special attire that was to be followed in case we wanted to enter the temple which indeed had been locked out by mom. 

The temple had a special aura that would make anyone stay there for one minute more than planned. We got a good darshan as it had been early in the morning. The main deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu while there are also other deities inside. The temple also had a great architectural design which had been taking us around the whole place. I wondered where the treasure of the temple remained as per everything that I had read in google regarding the temple. Once we were done we proceeded to the hotel and changed. After breakfast, we decided to visit the first place on our itinerary which was the Ponmudi Hill. The golden hill wagon a famous factor of Trivandrum where we took a drive to the point where we could and then proceeded in a jeep that took us to another point. A small amount of walk took us to the top which was from where the beauty of the mountain ranges of Western Ghats had been visualized. The greenery was one magic spell of Kerala that made us feel fresh and energetic at the same time. Once we had spent quite some time at the destination we decided to proceed further where the next destination was to the Mini Zoo that’s located around itself. The place had something that we had never seen where the Barasinghas lept around which was again one adorning factor of the place. Several other animals had also been around which pretty much seemed to be our special place as all of us in the family were great fans of animals except for the fact that we hated any sort of bars that restricted them. 

It was time for lunch and what we had been served was what made an impact in all our minds that Kerala had good cuisines as well. The driver had also been with us where he introduced us to the Sadhya where arrays of vegetarian dishes were served on our banana leaf and rice was served with Sambhar. And to be honest it was one heck of an experience for a delicious platter of food with various tastes had been there. And the next was where we had been served with some non-vegetarian delights as there again the driver said that Kerala was blessed various food items that they wanted us to lump on everything that was good. And that was it for the lunch where we ended it on a high note with coconut pudding. The journey continued and took us to Kovalam which was our stop for the day as we had our night stay arranged here. The sea view was all we wanted and hence after taking some time of rest, we got to the beach having some super fun family time. A couple of activities had been going on there and we decide to be flying kites that were being sold there.  The widespread beach was more like a private beach where there had been a lot of people but you still had your privacy at the place. All of us also went on a speedboat expedition to the beach where that was it for the day.

The next day  sightseeing continued where we were taken to Veli tourist village. The place had been made in with a lot of efforts that they had a lot of recreation in it. We walked along the walkway and went to the little shops and also took another boating journey but this time on pedal boats. After getting back we wanted to eat something and yet again we fell for the food where we were served with little snacks like banana fritters and dal vada. In around two hours of time, we left for the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. The walk along the lighthouse was yet another beautiful choice we had made for the view of the land that we had received there was all that made a reassurance in the mind that this place was indeed a gem of a place to visit. The Kanakkakunnu Palace was the final place for our visit after lunch where we got to see the ancient speck of what Kerala had witnessed in the past.  The architecture of the palace and the royal furniture inside it was what proved it to us. The meadows and lush green garden also adorned the place equally. we took some good family pictures from the place as the background was very impressive. The return was bound where we had had an amazing Kerala tour package for our family. For one year, we could move forth with the memories that had been departed by an amazing trip like that of what we had got from Kerala.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Kannur the City of Pilgrims and History

Kannur, a small city in Kerala with great natural elements like beaches, monuments, village’s historical destinations and much more. The place has now become a well-known tourist destination with a number of travellers from all over the world visiting the place to have an experience of the beauty and taste of the place. Kannur is a city to the coastal area of Kerala which was once a well-known trading port in Kerala. The place has some well-known monuments like the 16th century St. Angelo Fort, which was then occupied by the European colonial forces, which now show the importance of the place in the trading sector of spice. One of the famous Arakkal Museum is located in Kannur which highlights Kerala's Muslim royal family. Another main attraction of the place is the presence of the palm-fringed sands of the Payyambalam Beach which run along the western shore of Kannur. All these tourist attraction of the place makes the place one of the prominent destination in most popular Kerala Tour Packages from Bangalore which is organised by tour operators like Gogeo Holidays. Some of the main attraction of the city are:

Shree Subramanya Swami Temple:

The temple in Kannur is believed to be built by the Hindu God, Lord Parashurama one of the creations of Lord Vishnu. The importance of this historic temple is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana, which is an ancient writing in the books of Purana. the main attraction of the temple is the ancient sanctum that is built-in the shape of Gaja Prishta which is the back of the elephant, the idol of Lord Subramanya and the Ilanji tree in the front yard of the temple. According to the history of the temple, it was demolished twice and then rebuilt in the era. The main predishtas of the temple are Lord Kshetrapalan, Lord Kanya Bhagavath, Lord Ganapathi and Parasurama, the creation of Lord Shiva.

Sundareswara Temple: 

The main attraction of the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which was built by Shree Narayana Guru in the year 1916 is a traditional festival which is celebrated every year at the period March and April, every year. The celebration in the temple lasts for around 8 days. The celebration attracts a number of tourist from around the world with its rituals and traditional prayers.

Sri Mavilayi Kaavu Temple: 

The temple located around 13 km away from the Kannur town is another major tourist attraction of the land with its traditional festival Adi Utsavam which is celebrated with harmony in the land. The disciples of the temple are Lord Daivattar, Lord Vettakkorumakan, Lord Ganapati and Goddess Bhagavati.

Muzhappilangad Beach: 

The beach located around 15 km away from the town attracts a number of tourists with its natural beauty and elements. The beach is considered mostly as the swimmer's paradise by the tourist who visits the land to enjoy its heavenliness. The main attraction of the beach is the presence of Green Island which is located closer to the beach. The beach at Kannur being the only drive-in beach in Kerala where the travellers are free to drive up to around 4 km attracts and entertain the travellers greatly. The beauty of the beach is another attraction which draws the tourist to the place.

Payyambalam Beach: 

Located close to the Kannur town the Payyambalam Beach acts as the attraction in the area. The main attraction of the beach is the presence of the remains of some famous personalities like Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai, A.K. Gopalan and the remains of the former Chief Minister of Kerala, E. K. Nayanar. The primary factor that attracts a number of travellers and tourist are the presence of sculpture that portrays a mother and child by the famous sculptor, Kanayi Kunhiraman.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral: 

The cathedral located in Kannur is stoned where the first chapel was built by the Portuguese Christian Missionaries in the year 1501. This Cathedral was named after Nossa Senhora de Vitoria.

Gundert Bungalow: 

Gundert Bungalow is one of the historical location prominent in tour packages to Kerala from places like Bangalore and much more. The place once served as the residence of a known German scholar named Dr Herman Gundert. The place also has great in importance being the place where the 1st Malayalam newspaper was published. The Bungalow which is built in the shape of a watchtower is known for its architectural work. This historical building was once not only used by the German scholar but also used by the Judicial Magistrate Thomas.


The place is one of the very famous tourist destination in Kannur with its beauty and natural elements. The place once served as the quondam of Mooshika kings and also served as a battlefield during the war of Chola and Chera. According to the ancient stories, Lord Buddha is believed to have visited the place. Closer to the place is an ancient mosque, which has great importance due to the presence of the remains of the Muslim crusader Shaikh Abdul Latif, which is also visited by many tourists.


It is a small village located about 16 km away from the Kannur city. The main attraction of the city is the presence of a snake park within the village which was built with an intention to save nature by preserving both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes in the park. some of the other attraction of the place includes the presence of the Muthappan temple located on the shore of Valapattanam River and the Vismaya Water Theme Park, which is now managed and developed by a company named Malabar Pleasures Pvt. Ltd. some of the main attraction of the park is the presence of an electric swing, virtual waterfall, giant wheel and twister.

These are some of the main attraction of the place apart from being the best tourist destinations and a pilgrim centre the place also has a prominent position in the being a honeymoon destination. Some of the other honeymoon destination where couples would love to spend some quality time in Kerala would be hill stations. Different Munnar honeymoon packages to hill stations like Munnar are organised by the tour operators.kerala is a land abundant in tourist destinations and tourist spots which would serve as a paradise for the travellers by providing them with the best memories.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The ideal package for an exhilarating Kerala holiday: 5D/4N with enticing offers by GoGeo Holidays

Kerala has been branded as an international tourism spot with its exciting tourist attractions and amazing unending options for the enthusiastic travelers from every nook and corner of the world. One more feather has been added to the crown of this God’s own Kingdom when the British travel agents have added it recently to one of the popular destinations to watch in 2017. Despite being a tiny minuscule state in the Southern part of the country, Kerala has still the lot more to offer to any kind of travelers. With the rising popularity of the ideal Kerala tour packages, a completely all in one holiday without any hassle bustle, that are provided by many recognized tour management companies like Gogeo holidays These amazing travel packages have played a vital role in making Kerala, one of the top tourist places in worldwide today. And these come with a various budget as well as duration, making it super convenient for the travelers to pick the ideal one as per their interests and preferences. These are not like any stone cut rules and the itineraries are more like guidelines, to let you make the most out of your holidays, and ready to make any customizations as per your requests.
The ideal duration for a Kerala trip

When it comes to picking the ideal trip that matches with the time limit and budget you got, most of us might consider it as a herculean task. There may be multiple spots that you would want to explore, activities to indulge in, and making the right combination out of all these might seem a tedious task for you. And to get free from all those head spinning travel plans, it is better to pick some capsule like the top Kerala travel packages,  that will take care of all the arrangements and booking for your Kerala trip. Most of the travel experts suggest that the ideal duration for a perfect Kerala trip is a 2 days pack in Kerala, which will surely result in wonders. So to make the maximum out of your vacation in Kerala and savor its real taste, stretch your travel plans up to 4 days and combine the ideal spots and activities together. There are many packages that lead up to a maximum of 8 days/ But for a perfect budget friendly and amazing trip a 4 days trip would be enough for anyone. It will easily accommodate all the spots that you want to drop a visit, all the things you want to indulge in, and so on. Especially for the honeymooners, a completely relaxing 4days packages covering the most romantic destinations and activities would be perfect.
The Weather condition in Kerala

Being a tropical state, Kerala is always blessed with a pleasant climate which is favorable for the tourism. But it is always better to get an idea about a different season and the time before deciding upon the choice of your affordable Kerala tour packages. With the unique geography, mountainous peak lands, serene backwaters all make a perfect blend for a heavenly climate in here which is apt for its equatorial location. Most of the hill towns and the coastal regions remain cool and chilly in most of the seasons.
Summer season- Between February and May
The average temperature in summer is between 32 degrees to 26 degrees.
South West Monsoon- Between June to September
Kerala is the only state in the entire country where monsoon comes in twice.  During the southwestern monsoon, the temperature nearly falls down to 19 degrees to 30 degrees.
North East Monsoon- Between October to November
The average temperature is between 29 degrees and 35 degrees.
Winter season- Between December and January
The temperature is usually between 18 degrees to 28 degrees.
Peak season for visiting in Kerala
The peak season for a tourist to visit Kerala is during the summer and winter seasons which allow the travelers explore at ease. This falls between the months of November and May and is noted as the best time to be in God's own land.
Ideal budget
When considering the travel plans, the first and most important thing is the destination. And most of the decision regarding the destination will be based on the budget fixed for the vacationing. Kerala stands out from the rest of the tourist places by being an ideal spot for any range of budget, regardless of being domestic or international travelers, you can explore all you want without worrying about burning your pocket in here. Most of the amazing Kerala tour packages, let you pick the ideal combination that suits your budget, and get you have the most value for your money. Keeping the accommodation category, transports, meals, daily guided sightseeing, translators facilities, and all other necessary expenses into account, an average budget for a person to spend a vacationing time in Kerala would be –
For Shopping- INR 100(per day)
Accommodation- INR 3000(per night)
Meals- INR 1800(including complimentary breakfast)
Sightseeing- INR 700(Entry fees, extra charges)
Miscellaneous- INR 1000 per day
Average cost per day- INR 6000-7000
Important points to keep in mind

  • The flight/train/bus ticket charges are included in your package pay, and the mode of transport can be chosen according to your preferences
  • Accommodation facilities range from 3 stars to 5 stars, and single sharing to double and dormitory facilities.
  • When you choose a houseboat ride, the price range differs based on the size and amenities available on the houseboats. And the average cost is between INR 700 up to INR 10000
  • There is a certain limit for the amount of alcohol that you can carry with you while traveling in Kerala. And based on recent rules, alcohol consumption if banned in many parts of the country. Toddy is a locally available palm wine, which you will be getting from many local shops and restaurants in Kerala.
  • Most of the shops and restaurants accepts credit and debit cards, but the same may not be available for sightseeing entry fees or local shopping
  • There are certain dress codes and rules for entering into the religious places in Kerala especially temples. So it is advisable to enquire before entering such places.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Kerala is one of the smallest states in India which covers almost 1.3 percent of the total area of the country and is flanked by Karnataka in the north and Tamil Nadu in the east, Kerala is an enchanting strip of land ensconced between the Arabian Sea and the western ghats. Based on the physical feature the state can be divided into three natural divisions namely - the sandy coastal region with its extensive coconut groves, paddy fields, backwaters and sea, the Midland region made up of fertile reddish hills and valleys that grow most of Kerala's agricultural crops, peaks, extensive ridges and ravines of the western ghats, where sandalwood, tea, coffee, rubber and most of Kerala's exotic spices are grown.
 The western ghats which form a solid, contiguous mountain wall, seem to dominate the topography of Kerala. The major hill station is Munnar where thousands of tourists visit after picking the best Kerala tour packages and indulge in sightseeing and adventurous activities who are guided by travel advisers like Gogeo holidays. The topography is well suited for the tea plantation and is one of the major industry flourishing in Kerala. The hill stations have played a major role in Kerala tourism. To escape from summer pressure, Kerala houses the place of natural air conditioning, Munnar 1600 meters above sea level. This beautiful hill station was once the summer resort of the British government in the south and is situated at the confluence of three rivers hence the name. 
The 2695 metre high Anamudi peak here is the highest point in South India. To ensure a steady rainfall, The ghats act as a natural barrier during the south-west monsoon. More than 40 rivers spring from the mountains and taking a roundabout route, they either join the backwaters and lagoons or directly merge with the sea. 
 GoGeo Holidays

Kerala's progressive economy is mainly agro-based. Widely spread rubber plantations on the foothills of the western ghats and the cashew factories of Kollam are the main valuable foreign exchange earners. the coir products and handicrafts from Alleppey are received well both in India and abroad. The land itself is believed to have derived its name from "Keram" the coconut palm. The two main crown jewels of Kerala is backwater and Ayurveda. Backwaters are the most eminent and unique feature of tourism in Kerala where tourists with top Kerala holiday packages visits to have a day in the houseboat. These houseboats were once used for transporting goods which now serve as the main income for backwater tourism.These backwaters of Kerala are a chain of salt water lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian sea-coast of Kerala. The backwater cruises are done on Vembanad lake and Ashtamudi lake. The present major tourist attraction as well main source of revenue income of Kerala, Backwater cruise was once the mode of transport for goods. Tourists throngs to backwater spots for enjoying houseboat cruise. Beaches in Kerala stretches to a length of 550 kilometres across the Arabian Sea coastline. These coastlines are entwined with life, culture, and traditions of the state. Exploring these beaches will be an indelible experience in your life. 
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Kerala's climate is always pointed to the medium level of tolerance which is like a balmy weather almost all through the year and it is neither too cold in winter months nor too hot in summer. Kerala must be visited during is November-February when the air is bracing, and on some mornings there is a light mist. Light woollens may be required in the hills in the evenings and early mornings. March-may is warmer months and September-October is the time when the flowers are out and nature is at her best. Mid-may to August is the monsoon period, and one can expect a wet time. In addition, June is also a windy month. Visiting Kerala after monsoon is the best as the beaches would offer a fresh feeling and all in Evergreen to charm tourists and mainly families chose the affordable Kerala holiday packages as they can have best of their holidays spend both in hill stations and backwaters. 
Kerala's land has many histories to speak and the wayandu areas has already exhibited the proof of existence of Indus valley civilisation in edakkal caves, stone and iron age in Marayoor. Many great epic stories like Mahabharata and Ramayana shares its pages of episodes in Kerala also which are the reason of cultural importance in Kerala. Like most parts of India, Kerala's climate is also tropical and since Kerala has close proximity to the sea, the temperature of Kerala stays equable for most parts of the year. the state does not have a continuous dry spell and the summer lasts from April to June. Summer seasons are best for opting Munnar honeymoon packages at low price and this is the best time for trekking activities as the slippery natures of the mountains will be affordable to some extent. Maximum temperature remains around 32-degree centigrade and Kerala receives most of the rain from the monsoons, which touch the state in June and remain there until September. Besides the south-west monsoons, Kerala also receives rain from Northeastern monsoons. Winter season in Kerala begins from October and lasts until January and there are chances for the temperature to drop a bit but the weather is never too chilly in Kerala. In winter, the average temperature in Kerala remains around 21-degree Celsius and the presence of the Western Ghats on the eastern side of the state and across an important climatic zone is created by south-west monsoon with abundant rainfall on the windward side and on the eastern side, a dry belt is created. 
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The Kerala's fine blending and enrichment of life and culture were the result of the early settlements of Jews, Syrians and Portuguese in Kerala. Visited twice by the early yearly monsoon, Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India and is a tropical paradise of waving palms and white sandy beaches and filled with lush green vegetation in the mountain ghats. Thus this rich culture along with peculiar ecological pattern and beauty of the region have earned the title "Gods Own Country" to Kerala.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Kerala Culinary Travel- What to Eat in Kerala

        Are you a foodie, who always look forward to trying out all the local cuisines of the places you visit? Then Kerala cuisines is a must try for you, during your trip with family holiday packages kerala.In addition to the warm and pleasant hospitality, surroundings Gogeo Holidays offers to let you enjoy the scrumptious, mouthwatering cuisines that are a spotlight of the culinary experience to this exquisite location. Here are some world famous cuisines of Kerala.

Kerala Sadhya

        Sadhya refers to feast in Malayalam.It is a  traditionally served vegetarian meal this is served on a plantain or banana leaf.Human beings devour sitting cross-legged on the floor. Tradition insists that the tapering end of the leaf points to the left of the seated visitor. Rice is served at the decrease 1/2 of the leaf.The Sadya is normally served as lunch.The dishes are plain rice, many curries, pappadum, simple yogurt or buttermilk, banana or plantain chips, and two or greater candy dishes. The curries are made of different veggies and feature one of a kind flavorings. They may be manufactured from yogurt, bitter gourd, mango, Jaggery, and many others.There are variations on the menu depending on the region and religion. Some groups, in particular, the ones inside the northern a part of Kerala, include non-vegetarian dishes in the sadhya.Traditionally, the humans of the community spent the night assisting the chefs in cooking. They also volunteer to serve the meals for the hosts to the visitors. This includes a truthful amount of social interplay which assists build rapport with the acquaintances.You can try the yummy feast of Kerala during your Trip with Kerala Tour Packages.

Breakfast Dishes- The Healthiest

Puttu and Kadala Curry

        Puttu or the cylindrically shaped steamed cake is one of the most favorite breakfast items of Malayalees and generally the most usual breakfast item at every home in Kerala.It is considered as one of the healthiest breakfasts  as the rice flour is steamed to prepare puttu.It's commonly served with kadala curry (black chickpeas) however, it can also be relished with ripe bananas and grated coconut.It became some of the dishes started by National Geographic traveler as World's fine breakfast.The higher section holds the puttu and lower segment holds water in which the rice mixture is inserted with layers of grated coconut and steamed. Perforated lids separate the sections to allow the steam to skip them.  The excellent place  to taste puttu is any of the tea shops inside the villages of Kerala.

Appam and Stew

        Another must try in a Kerala Culinary trip is the crisp lacy appam served with meat/vegetable stew.Appam is most frequently eaten with breakfast or dinner and is a fermented flatbread constituted of Rice and Coconut.People also use it for dinner and occasionally for lunch.Appams are usually had with stew or bird curry or mutton and even with fish molly.


        It is a paper thin rice pancake this is one of the most highlights of Kerala cuisine has made it to the list of ’10 ingredients to strive before you die’ by  Huffington Post.It is rich in carbohydrates, incorporates no sugar or saturated fats. Its constituent substances of rice and lentils suggest it's miles gluten-unfastened and contains protein.Most tourists try to experience the taste of Dosa during  kerala holiday packages for family trip.


        It is also referred to as Kerala noodles made from rice flour, salt and water are another Kerala breakfast pride. It tastes awesome when combined with egg curry.Also, it is delicious whilst combined with fowl or mutton curry.For vegetarians, idiyappam whilst mixed with Kadala curry or potato stew is an excellent breakfast idea.

Malabar Biriyani

        If you are into spicy food, then this is the dish for you. The Kozhikode biryani blend of spices is subtle and the biryani receives its shade nearly exclusively from the fried onions. The Malabar biriyani are mainly from Kozhikode, Malappuram etc of Kerala that is unique and the recipe has crossed ages.Dont miss the mouthwatering biryani of Kerala during your trip with Kerala Travel Packages.

Karimeen Pollichathu

        It is certainly one of The best Kerala's traditional cuisine. Karimeen or Pearl spot fish is found commonly in Kerala backwaters. All through in Kerala, you may get this dish however with various flavor. The taste and modifications slightly vary as we pass from one locality of Kerala to the another.

Kerala Fish Curry

        It is another exquisiteness from God’s own Favorite land.The flavors of coconut milk take it to any other stage. It's far tasty with a fleshy white fish smeared with onion, tomatoes, garlic, fresh chilies and coconut paste that's steamed, tempered and served mainly during the Kerala Holiday packages.The freshness of the substances and the diffused and expertly combined spices struck a chord with taste buds.


·         PazhamPori
·         Unnakkaya
·         Vattayappam
·         Parippuvada


·         Ada Pradhaman
·         Paal Payasam
·         Paalada

Friday, 24 March 2017

A visit to Museums in Kerala | Tour Packages

        It is not surprising that we have the richest preserved cultures and traditions that our predecessors have left for us to enrich. The large amounts of outsiders coming to Kerala are more curious to go visit these museums which showcase our history. Of all package deals, family holiday packages Kerala are the best  suggestion for their offers that considers Famous Museum of Trivandrum and thrissur. Most of our museums are the actual palaces where our royal kings and queens used to reside. And some of them were royal guest homes. Today, these are turned to museums. The palace turned museum’s exhibit splendid works of handmade paintings drawn from the monarch periods, swords used by the kings, heavily jewelled crowns of kings and queens, their heavily ornate coats and dress robes decorated with rich silks and gold threads and even some rare pearls, the opulent sets of serving vessels and plates, their foot wears, turbans, rich embellished shawls, beaded with precious stones are the waist bands which were once the daily wear of our kings and queens. A mere look at their royal chair (Throne) brings back the historical epoch, a feeling of really being to a palace enriches our minds. The thrones are studded with rare rubies, emeralds and diamonds with cushions that are embroidered in gold to suit the royal chair. You will love the palanquins the princesses and queens used to travel in and those chariots in which kings used to take rounds around the town regularly. I have been to some of the most famous museums here. They have an awesome collection of our Kerala sovereigns. Some other museums flaunt the object artefacts, ancient artistic works created by our famous artists, scientific researches founded or developed by renowned scientists, archaeological exhibits and other various objects of interest.

Famous museums of Trivandrum

        When we go expedition to various beautiful countries or states, the first few places of our visit is always to their historical memorials, museums and palaces. We are curious to know the history of that place. Similarly, from the research of tourist department, it has come to light that our historical testimonials are visited abundantly all year comparing other places. The palatial museums in Trivandrum have a display of its several artistic artefacts, glorious traditional weapons, and other cultural crafts. I personally suggest you to Kerala tour packages for family, as they are the best guides to museums.

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum

        The most advantageous aspect of the museum is that it is constructed near a very well known Hindu temple, the Padmanabhaswamy temple in the capital city of Kerala, thiruvananthapuram. Tourist coming here through Kerala tour packages benefit from this, since they can visit the museum and the holy shrine both on the same day without losing time to visit other places. This palace turned museum gives a look of an archetypal structure built in the Travancore model of architecture. One-time famous as the state of Travancore, this museum has numerous displays preserved from that time. Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma, the then Maharaja (king) of Travancore is said to have built this magnificent palace now a celebrated landmark.  A large collection of the royal symbols adorn this palace along with a gallery of several imperial paintings. These paintings actually depict the lives of those predecessors who have ruled this kingdom from early ages.  The hall from the entrance showcases various idols of classical dance forms. The other majestic collection include different thrones various kings had used in their time of monarch, ivory cots, and a musical tree that amuses tourists by producing eight different captivating swara (the 8 harmony of classical Keralian music) when tapped on the protrusion.

Science and Technology Museum

This tech museum was founded and established in the year 1984 by ministry of education, Kerala government. The government focused on increasing scientific awareness among the youth and local public of Kerala. The museum is situated at the centre in Trivandrum. The planetarium “Priyadarshini” is a functional part of this museum from the early 1994. Especially the 40 minutes planetarium show leaves the Tourist kids who are on Kerala travel packages tour bemused. The museum accommodates 10 galleries which present about 300 items arranged divisionally. Every branch of science makes its way to filling people with encyclopaedic knowledge. Automobile, bio-science, computer science, electronic, mechanical, and mathematics are branches of sciences that form part of this museum. The most popular feature about this museum is, it has automatic eleven inch telescope for tourist who want to observe the astronomy after dark. Also tourers love the exhibits of mobile science displays and the science workshops held here every summer.

Kerala Soil Museum

        Any on who reads the Soil museum, will gasp. Yes exactly, it is one of the rarest of its kinds. In India it is the first Soil museum that is established to meet the international standards. Very recently established in 2014, at the central soil analytical laboratory at parottukonam in Trivandrum, it has already left its marks for reaching a landmark. It flaunts several varieties of soil types of Kerala. Kerala Tour packages from Bangalore provides best guidance to historical memorials in Kerala. There is none other largest soil museum as this one around the globe. Tourists make their way to this place and admire the richness of minerals and soils of Kerala. The important asset of this place is the eighty two types of soil familiar in Kerala. You will be left amazed by the fact that the museum staffs are especially trained by professionals from World Soil museum in Wageningen University at Netherlands. The information it displays about the name of soil, its best features, nutrient levels, the cultivation best suited for it etc. Most thoughtful attribute of this museum is the map of Kerala showcasing marking of different soils found at various districts of Kerala for the better understanding of tourists and other visitors.

Koyikkal Palace

This palace turned museum was founded in 1677 in Trivandrum district of Kerala. Generally, when we hear about art, we get over excited. This museum excites holiday makers coming to kerala on Kerala honeymoon packages for their well known services and tour managements. Kerala is well illustrious for its ancient relation with art and culture. There are several such art and cultural heritages visited by holidayers every year. It palace is constructed at nedumangadu in capital city of Kerala. It is the oldest palace ever, built in 16th century by the royal family for princess Umayamma rani. She ruled the kingdom with great poise for nearly 7 years. Today, the museum is well maintained by the Archaeological department of Kerala. People adore this palace for its collection of rare and highly distinguished musical instrument, some of which are made of wood.

Napier Museum

        Trivandrum being the capital city situated at the southern most region of Kerala is so filled with its religious wealth of our past; it generates a sense of cultural ideology among us when we tour around this museum. It is located at six kms from city. It stays open on all days except Mondays and Wednesday and on national holidays. Since the capital city is filled with historic memorials and pristine beaches and famed ancient temple, Kerala holiday packages for family offers a short trip to Trivandrum too. It opens at ten am every day. It was ground in 1855 and newly constructed in 1866 to 1872. The building used designed and structured by an English architect named Chisholm in the 19thcentury. The museum is named after the governor of madras. Although it took several years to erect this building, it is now a well recognised land mark in the city with a gothic architectural style with minor works on walls and roofs. It sympathises tourists who are here in summer by its considerable services of A/C s fit in the whole museum. Priceless ornaments worn by the kings and princesses are on among the most beautiful cases here apart from the ivory carvings, bronze figures and a beautiful historic temple chariot used by the rajas. There are several archaeologically excavated artefacts and chunks from early ages. The outer area of this museum adorns a Zoological garden, admired by whoever coming to this palace. Spending some of your quality time at the garden will make you feel at peace and calm.

Sree Chitra Gallery

Sree chitra is an exclusive part of Napier museum. Since its displays are so eminent among sightseers, it is known by its name and not as a part of the Napier museum. The gallery enriches mural paintings of famous rajas of Kerala and other such famed officials and monarchs. The paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and Nicholas Roerich are among the well recognised paintings here. The display homes a group of paintings from Rajput times, mughal rules, from China, Japan, Bali and Tibet. To the amusement of trippers, our great raja Ravi Varma was an awesome artist himself, thus the Napier museum is crowded all the day with guests from everywhere to see the art works of this king. This gallery really paints our present to the historic period on our visit there.